We help employers be proactive in assessing workplaces and making modifications to reduce COVID-19 related risks!

Prevention Solutions:

Body Temperature Kiosks


Non-contact kiosks which automatically read body temperature in seconds, with optional facial recognition. These kiosks are invaluable to carry out employee temperature checks, to help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses.

Vet staff members and the public before entry to public and private premises such as healthcare settings, supermarkets, factories, transport hubs and corporate offices.

  • Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
  • Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
  • On screen message displays temperature reading alongside optional verbal message and LED traffic light system
  • Optional facial recognition to recognize and allow entry to vetted individuals within the facial database
  • Plug and play solution – works standalone out of the box with only power required
  • Access and export your logs to excel

Air Ionization

We Deliver P.O.P.E.
Particle Reduction

The Air Ionization technology reduces airborne particles (i.e., dust, pet dander, pollen) through agglomeration. The ions attach to the airborne particles. The particles are subsequently attracted to one another, effectively increasing their mass and size. The air filtration system easily captures the larger particles, increasing the capture efficiency of your HVAC system.

Odor Reduction

During the cleaning process chemical, pet, cooking, and other odors are broken down into basic harmless compounds, leaving the indoor air fresh smelling and free of odor causing VOCs.

Pathogen Reduction

During the cleaning process the NPBI technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens, leaving them to die, and leaving you with clean and healthy indoor air.

Energy Saving

The environmentally friendly cleaning process allows commercial buildings to significantly reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. This equates to a safer, more comfortable environment that requires up to 30% less energy to condition.

COVID-19 Testing


Sensiva C19 Testing Kit Includes:

  • Real Time PCR Testing Kit

  • Dedicated Portal Access

  • Express Shipping (Both Ways)


Quickly and efficiently view your test results in our secure, HIPAA compliant online portal. The patient can closely track their sample from the time of collection and registration to the final report publication.


Our (patent pending) 5-level rating system combines the test results and our advanced scientific modeling to create an easy to understand indication of a patients current status that can be instantly verified with any smartphone.


A Complete Solution for Sterile Processing Environments in the Healthcare Industry

SteriSmart Enterprise Management Solution offers continuous performance and protection for any sterile cleanroom while improving the cost, service and compliance. This solution sends real-time alerts and KPIs to your device that keep a sustained compliance to the cleanroom room while proactively managing that area. Solve problems before they effect the process for a zero defect environment.

  • Links remote locations with central management
  • Automated performance that is easy to use
  • Configured to your specific needs
  • 24/7 real-time performance and protection monitoring service
A powerful and easy-to-use performance management solution that uses proprietary software, services and equipment configured to your specific needs and objectives.

Now for the first time, you can simultaneously achieve exponential improvements without compromising between traditionally competing demands.

Business Operations Benefits:
  • Reduces Operating and Capital Costs
  • Creates Positive Return on Investment
  • Conquers Complex Service Delivery Demands
  • Effortlessly Delivers the Ever-Increasing Number of Patient Specific Orders
  • Mitigates Liability and Litigation Risk
  • Creates Continuous Regulatory Compliance
Patient Care Benefits:
  • Exponentially Decreases Product Contamination
  • Ensures Accurate Delivery of Patient Care Requirements
  • Reduces Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Frees the Pharmacist to Focus on Patient Care Outcomes