WeWork Renovation

Energy Savings


Renovation Cost

The Objective

WeWork converts existing spaces into modern, beautiful, shared office spaces. With increasing occupancy, more air required treatment to ensure excellent indoor air quality.

The Solution

WeWork selected the GPS-DM48-AC™ to provide the best indoor air quality while minimizing costs by reducing the amount of outside air needed to ventilate the space. When new HVAC equipment is required, the GPS-DM48-AC permits smaller solutions. In other cases, the GPSDM48- AC allows the owner to use the existing HVAC equipment. The self-cleaning needlepoint bipolar ionization equipment is perfect because it is mountable on any indoor or outdoor duct.

The Results

WeWork realized greater than 50% savings in the HVAC renovation costs by installing smaller air-handling equipment while shortening their building upfit timeline. By using the GPSDM48-AC, WeWork also reduced the amount of energy required to condition their spaces, realizing savings in operating expenses while creating “a world where people work to make a life.”