Boston‘s Children’s Hospital

Odor Control

The Objective

Boston Children’s Hospital needed to upgrade their HVAC system to deal with noxious diesel fumes and street odors emanating from a nearby construction zone. The hospital staff and patients had been complaining about the odors that the existing UV light system was unable to control. The facilities management team was also looking for a solution to keep the entire depth of the coils clean and free of biofilm. Their UV systems only treated a few inches of the coil depth.

The Solution

The hospital chose to install the GPS-iMOD® needlepoint bipolar ionization system to (1) control the noxious diesel fumes, (2) destroy the odors coming from the construction site, and (3) destroy the microorganisms that produced the biofilm on the coils.

48 HRS


The Results

The diesel fumes and other unpleasant odors were eliminated and coils sanitized within 48 hours, saving as much as 30% in power consumption. The hospital’s alternative to resolving the odor issues with the GPS-iMOD would have been expensive renovations. The renovation would have added more demand to the system, creating high pressure drops. This would have resulted in a higher energy bill without 100% certainty of solving the problem.